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Moved to IMSciences Host

After officially getting a home in IMSciences, Peshawar, we’ve moved our blog/website to IMS host. We’re now living at

We will no longer be posting here. Please visit our new site for updates. 


This is a cool Portable device…with a great range of support for portable devices locally and on the web….

follow the link.

Portable Local WebServer with Apache, SQL, PHP and Applications for Windows » Raymond.CC Blog:


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Distributed Access Control Systems [TechRep]

 Cambridge university technical report on:

Active privilege management for distributed access control systems

It isn’t strictly related to our work but it has some detailed discussion of access control related work.

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ACM Plagiarism Policy

The ACM Plagiarism policy:

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Knoppix for Trusted Computing with TPM Manager

Knoppix for Trusted Computing with TPM Manager The latest release of the Linux distribution Knoppix now supports Trusted Computing with TPM (Trusted Platform Module). Therefore the new Knoppix 5.1.1 includes the latest release of Sirrix TPM Manager to provide complete GUI control over the TPM. Ruhr-University Bochum and Sirrix AG developed the TPM Manager, an open source application providing an easy to use graphical user interface to manage and configure a Trusted Platform Module…

Knoppix for Trusted Computing with TPM Manager | EMSCB:


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Security Conferences and Symposiums-2008 And Onwards!


Here is the security in 21 minutes.

Security Groups on the Web


People Working on Security and Cryptography


here are the links to all (most probably) major upcoming Security conferences or symposiums… i found it interesting so posting these links…. please note that i found some very good info. in some of the links.

here goes the links:

  1. Conventions:

Some Conference Rankings and there statistics…!

How to judge how good a conference is?


follow the link 🙂

by these links i mean to be aligned with international community and to keep up our work accordingly. some very good symposiums and conferences are approaching that can be very helpful from audience and exposure point of view. some deadlines are dead close please take care of it. 🙂


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Mental Slavery

The following link presents some philosophical jewels (novel approach) about study of mind and reality by professor shaz.

I hope you like it.

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IEEE — Standards Organization?!

I don’t mean to be rude but IEEE has done it this time. I was wondering why their publication styles are so typographically ugly but at least that could be justified. Now, they’ve come up with a “new” home page and … well, just take a look at it:

That’s what bachelor’s students design when they’re learning FrontPage! Sheesh!

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LEO-II is a standalone, resolution-based higher-order theorem prover designed for fruitful cooperation with specialist provers for natural fragments of higher-order logic such as first-order and propositional logic. Currently LEO-II cooperates with the first-order automated theorem provers E, SPASS, and Vampire.

LEO-II is implemented in Objective CAML (Version 3.09) and its problem representation language is TPTP THF.

The development of LEO-II has been supported by the EPRSC grant EP/D070511/1 at Cambridge University, England.


I post this here for two reasons. First, the LEO team includes Larry Paulson. So, this will have some connections with Isabelle.

Secondly, take a look at the EPRSC grant page. It can guide us in writing our own project grant information page.

Posted by: recluze | November 29, 2007

Applying UML and Patterns

UML book and diagrams for creating presentations.

See my blog.

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